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Kuuntelulista ulkomainen populaarimusiikki

Populaarimusiikin historia Kuuntelulista:


The Base Balls Last in line (Rockn roll-pop)
Bon Jovi: Its my life (Rock)
50 cent feat. Snopp Dog: Pimp (Rap)
Lady Gaga: Bad Romance (Dance-Pop)
Justin Timberlake: Sexy Back (Dance-pop/R&B)


Spice Girls: Viva forever (Pop)
Back Street Boys: As long as you love me (Pop)
Scooter: Fire (Tekno->House)
Prodigy: Voodoo People (Tekno -> Trance)
Eminem: Slim Shady (Rap)
Sheryl Crow: Everyday is a winding road (Country rock, alternative)
Alanis Morissette: Thank you (Alternative rock)


Village People Y.M.C.A. (Disco)
Dire Straits: Sultans of Swing (Rock)
Van Halen: Jump (Glitter heavy/hard rock)
Iron Maiden: The Trooper (Heavy rock)
Aerosmith: I dont wanna miss a thing (Rockballadi)



Bob Dylan: Mr. Tambourine Man
Bob Marley: I shot the sheriff (Reggae)
Queen: We will rock you (Rock)

The Who: Who are you (hard rock, taiderock)
ABBA: Mamma mia, Waterloo (pop, disco)
Kraftwerk: Autobahn (Electro)
The Ramones: Sheena is a punk rocker (Punk)
The Sex Pistols: God save the Queen, Anarchy in the UK (Punk)

Deep Purple: Black night (heavy rock)



The Beatles: Love me do (Pop)
The Rolling Stones: Start me up (Rock)

Jimi Hendrix: Purple haze (Psykedeelinen rock)

The Doors: Light my fire (Psykedeelinen rock)

The Cream: Sunshine of your love (Psykedeelinen rock)

The Beach Boys: Good vibrations, Surfin USA (Pop, Surf-musiikki)



Bill Haley: Rock around the clock (Rock)
Elvis Presley: Hound dog (Rock) Love me tender (Rock-balladi)
Jerry Lee Lewis: Great Balls of Fire (Rock)
Little Richard: Tutti Frutti (Rock)



Dock Boggs: Country Blues (Country-blues)
Bessie Smith: Saint Louis Blues (City-blues)
Mississippi Fred Mcdowell: Good Morning Little School Girl (City-blues)
Muddy Waters: Mannish Bay (City-blues)

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